Kim’s Convenience: A Delightful Watch

Kim’s Convenience: A Delightful Watch

Eli Schally, Staff Writer

Kim’s Convenience, created by Kevin White (producer of Schitt’s Creek) and Ins Choi, is a light-hearted sitcom about a Korean family who run a convenience store in Toronto, Canada. It follows the characters of Mr. Kim, an oldie trying to adjust to the modern world, Mrs. Kim, and their children, Janet, an aspiring photographer and Jung, a car rental employee portrayed by Simu Liu of Shang Chi fame.

This fun show is about the love of a family and how complicated that love can be.  But, where the show really shines, is in its cast of well-developed side characters and their interactions with the main cast like Jung’s coworkers and the frequent visitors of the store.

A standout episode is Season 1 Episode 13, “Family Singing Contest”. It’s funny and heartwarming.

Kim’s Convenience was sadly cancelled last year because the creators, White and Choi, decided to leave the project and consequently the studio decided not to go forward without them. Because of this, the ending to the show was a little rushed. But it’s still a great show worth your time. 

Those who are interested can watch it on Netflix now.


Official Ville Rating

★★★★ out of five