Mental Health Resources
Olivia Knight, Editor and Writer • January 9, 2021

This is a list of mental health resources at RAHS, as well as outside of school to accompany the recent story "Mental Health in Schools." If...

Raiders' mental health struggles
Natalie Yanez, Staff Writer • November 20, 2020

Many high school students struggle with mental health. Here are some things that will help you better your mental health as a high school student. All students...

Blue Light Glasses Improving Our Online Lives
Amelia Flack, Staff Writer • November 11, 2020

Trendy new blue light glasses are available to help the users’ eyes while being on screens. As more and more is done online, from school, to work and even ordering...

Southbend Griddle and Flat Top Grill
Introduction to New Equipment in Foods Classes
Jason Huynh, Staff Writer • February 21, 2020

Before school was out for winter break, the FACs classrooms were moved to the newly renovated E Wing sector with a set of new kitchens for students to familiarize...

What is Pep Band?
Olivia Knight, Editor • December 17, 2019

Ava Negrete | February 12, 2020

Love is in the air at RAHS, or is it? According to polls conducted on my Instagram story, 41% of students do not like Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a controversial subject amongst students. Many think it’s a gross display of couples doing PDA, while others find it an endearing holiday for all types of love. One responder commented “I dislike people going completely over the top for...

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Victoria Smith | June 4, 2019

Public school bathrooms are arguably one of the worst things about public school. It is very hard to find a comfortable place to do your business. When the time comes, you gotta go when you gotta go. But where are you going to go at RAHS? I took all the bathrooms (not including staff and visitor bathrooms) in RAHS in search of the best girls bathroom. This is what I found. There are three criteria...

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