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AP Novices and Veterans Prepare for Exams


The 2024 AP exams will be on May 6-10 and May 13-17. That’s in only three weeks. But don’t worry there’s still time to get ready for the exams. 

First Time Taking The AP Exam

My Linh Nguyen is a freshman at Roseville High School and is currently taking AP Human Geography and AP Environmental Science. She said, “Some things I do to get ready for my exams are taking a lot of practice quizzes and writing practice FRQs. I also look at some FRQs from the past and write those out”. This is Nguyen’s first year taking the AP exams but some tips she would give to other freshmen also taking their exams for the first time are, “Look at the progress checks on AP classroom and look at the questions you got wrong so you know what you have to study instead of studying the material you already know.” 

Tips From AP teachers 

Vanessa Maki, one of the the AP US History teachers here at Roseville Area High School, said, “  I think working on your skills, especially your writing skills, will be a big help.” She suggested going to the AP classroom and reviewing skills you are having a difficult time understanding. She also recommended quickly going over key concepts rather than trying to go over every detail.

Dani Larson and Amy Weigel both AP Human Geography teachers suggested the best way to study in these next 2-3 weeks are review vocabulary while creating study groups to gain support from other students.

Season Veteran

Mia Samuel is a junior who took AP exams her freshman year and sophomore year and is currently preparing to take her AP Calc exam. She believes that the exams don’t get easier over time and still take the same amount of focus. However, if you gain a study system over time, it makes getting ready simpler. She said, “During my freshman year I was freaking out and just tried to go over everything but now I just go over my key concepts and formulas so I don’t overrun my brain. I am not really good at giving tips but if had to give one it would be to have a study routine and be consistent with that routine”. Samuel also mentioned that getting rest is essential and that’s at the higher end of priorities.  

Time to Focus

It’s time to lock in!  Keep in mind that AP classes signal to colleges that you are serious about your education and are willing to challenge yourself. Login into AP classroom and get started while you still have time. Good luck!


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