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Teacher Feature: Amy Weigel


Amy Weigel, an AP Human Geography teacher, has taught 21 years of her 22 years at RAHS.

At School
Weigel was a good student in high school.  She always liked to learn new things and was always up for new challenges. Weigel’s mom was a math teacher, which inspired her to explore education growing up.

She said, “…[becoming teacher] was not a set thing…but then as I got into college it just seemed like the career path that I would enjoy.”

Funny enough, Weigel attended a high school where there were only two grades so her brother who was two years younger than her never actually got to be in high school with her.

Weigel has studied in many different areas.  She has degrees in: history, German and education. She enjoyed learning about social studies because it was something she was good at, while she enjoyed German because it was a subject that challenged her.

Weigel teaches AP Human Geography where each class has at least twenty-five kids and doesn’t need any more. She said it would be pretty exhausting to teach kids and then have kids at home.  Weigel would rather enjoy her night watching a movie.

Weigel wants her students to be ready for that next big step into college and for that transition to be more on the easier side of things.

Weigel knows not everyone will become a geographer but the information you gain from Ap Human Geography can be used on a multiple of different topics.  She believes the subject and topics taught in her class are needed for life in general and all different kinds of future jobs: politicians, lawyers and doctors. She said, “ … there are a lot of applications of understanding political systems and understanding resources. I think that knowledge will be beneficial for anyone.”


Fun facts about Ms. Amy Weigel

Favorite ice cream flavor: German chocolate hazelnut

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie: Shaun Of The Dead

Something she would like to achieve soon:  Going somewhere she’s never been before.



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