Roseville Boys Cross Country Running Over the Competition


Roseville Cross Country Runners (From left to right) Isaac Cronin (12), Huey Zupancich (7), and Braden Hubert (12). enjoying a football game.

Tristan Chapin, Staff Writer

The Roseville Boys Cross Country team is having a historic season. After starting the season unranked in state they have moved their way up to the seventh spot, first in their conference, and first in their section according to the weekly coaches rankings on

The team is composed of many veteran senior runners as well as young talent. Some senior runners were asked about their preparation for meets and what they think about while running.

James Olsen, senior, on preparing his mind for a meet said, “I usually try to map out the course in my head and try to figure out where I’m going to make my moves throughout the race.” 

He also uses music to get him into “the mood” for racing. “You know I like that (In & Out by) Lud Foe,” said Olsen.

Another way runners on this team prepare is by watching what they eat the day before the meet. Adam Wolf, another senior, said “You gotta load up on them carbs the night before the meet, to (have) a lot of energy for your race”. 

Senior Isaac Cronin said, “We try to get good sleep, we try to go on an easy run the day before, and get our harder workouts one earlier in the week so that we’re prepared to race the other teams.”

The coach of the Raider cross country team Brian ‘The Messiah’ (as he’s affectionately referred as by his runners) Bailey spoke about what he had the team as a whole do the day leading up to the meet.

“We try to keep things as simple as possible the day before a meet.  An easy run of between 2-5 miles depending on age and ability” said Bailey, “They do a few sprint strides and then I usually talk with them about some race strategy and things to think about at the meet.”

To keep themselves motivated during races the runners often imagine their own teammates are near them. Senior Braden Hubert specifically thinks of his teammate Tom Park being around him. 

“I imagine Tom right in front of me and I’m just chasing him the whole race but also imagine him behind me trying to catch me. It’s almost an animalistic instinct” said Hubert.

Before races the team finds fun by doing a new tradition this year involving seniors and the younger members of the team. Senior Tom Park describes the tradition: “The seniors run around some of the younger runners to metaphorically get the air circulating, it’s all in good fun and everybody has a fun time with it.” 

Seventh grader Huey Zupancich has a different mindset during the race than some of his older teammates, primarily focusing on himself rather than others around him.

“I just say I can do it, it’s not that bad and I can do it” said Zupancich.

With a fast start to the season and a strong bond between teammates the Raiders have a trip to state in their sights, led by star runner James Olsen and coach Brian Bailey. The Raiders next meet will be the Suburban East Conference Championship on October 19th at Tanners Brook Golf Course. They will compete for the conference title against other top programs including Mounds View, Stillwater, and White Bear Lake, ranked 9th, 10th, and 11th in state respectively.