Changes are Coming to Pioneer Park

With images of design plans


Ayanna Churcher, Staff Writer

Pioneer Park is one of the largest parks in Little Canada. Developed in 1991, the community park is being redesigned in hopes of better serving the wants and needs of the community.

Vegetation Improvement Plan

Why is the redesign necessary? 

General improvements to Pioneer Park such as accessibility, amenities/enhancements, and vegetation/stormwater are some of the proposed improvements that have been refined through community engagement and the Little Canada City and Parks & Recreation Councils. Through focused improvements, the purpose of the Pioneer Park redesign is to make the park more welcoming to the community.

The focused improvements are 

-Enhanced playground

-Interactive water feature

-Trail lighting

What will new additions to the park look like?

Playground Redesign

Additions to Pioneer Park will be as follows

  • Trail Repair and Widening
  • East and West Parking Expansion
  • Planting Native Trees
  • Shoreline Habitat Restoration
  • Vegetation Restoration
  • Playground Replacement
  • Playground Expansion
  • Interactive and Passive Water Features
  • Misting Station
  • Replaced Basketball Hoops
  • Winter Activity Loop
  • Soccer field Repair
  • Softball field Repair
  • Dugout Shade Structure
  • Grass Volleyball
  • Trail Lighting
  • Field Lighting
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Benches
  • Interpretive Signage
Amenity Improvement Plan


What’s staying? What’s new?

Pioneer Park will still have the amenities it’s known for such as a tennis court, basketball court, walking and biking trails, a soccer field, softball fields, and a stormwater pond. There will also be many additions like a winter activity loop, a volleyball net, and an all-new playground. 

When will Pioneer Park constructions begin/end

Construction is projected to begin in late autumn 2023 and be finished by summer 2025. 

Accessibility Improvement Plan










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