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Erik At The Movies: Far And Away


Far And Away (1992) (US) =Maybe this is my destiny. On his death-bed, my father told me he’d be watching me from up above. I wonder now if his spirit might be near, guiding me along.” After two years, my time writing for The Ville has sadly come to a close, and I have to go on to the next chapter of my life. But before I leave, I have one last review for you all, and it has some relevance to my impending graduation: Far And Away. Telling the story of a poor Irish farmer (played by Tom Cruise) and a wealthy aristocrat (played by Nicole Kidman, the then wife of Tom Cruise) who immigrate to America in search of opportunity and land. Their partnership is simply a matter of convenience, and their bickering continues throughout most of the film. They manage to get to the Oklahoma Territory just in time to compete in the Land Rush of 1893, and manage to stake a claim and begin a new life together. While our two leads have great chemistry, the script definitely leaves something to be desired, with its poor dialogue and laughable Irish accents serving as the largest flaws against the film. What the movie excels in however, is in its cinematography, score, and in its grand final scene. The land rush was recreated in its entirety in camera, and the nearly 10 minute sequence is nothing short of breathtaking. John Williams also wrote the score, and it is one of his finest compositions, and it will be played at my graduation later this week! While the film may be a mixed bag, I still had a good time, and recommend watching the film if you are interested. This is Erik At The Movies, signing out! 6/10.

Far And Away is available for purchase and rental on demand.

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Erik Larson
Erik Larson, Staff Writer
Hello! My name is Erik Larson and I am currently a staff writer at The Ville who specializes in reviewing the latest and greatest in film. In the words of game director Hideo Kojima: “70% of my body is made of movies.” You can find more of my movie reviews here at my Letterboxd: https://boxd.it/4N1v5

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