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RAHS Students React to Potential TikTok Ban


TikTok, a social media platform that consists of short videos that you can scroll through, recently has been on the verge of a ban. Lawmakers signed a bill that would ban TikTok if it isn’t sold within a year. According to CNN, 60% of teenagers use TikTok. 

Like many other young people, many students at RAHS aren’t excited about the ban. Amelie Nickel (12), said, “ I don’t feel too great about the possibility of a TikTok ban because I use the app for a lot of things.’’ 

Caringtin Adams (9), said, “I don’t enjoy the idea of a TikTok ban, like it’s so sad, I watch TikTok all the time, and if that was just to disappear, I’d be heartbroken…it’s like my little stress free app after doing tons of homework.”

U.S lawmakers have expressed their concerns that the Chinese owned platform is sharing information about U.S users to the government. Nickel said, “I believe that the reason for banning it is rooted in xenophobia because we continue to see other American apps with data privacy issues, like Facebook, to thrive in the U.S” 

Some student’s opinions include TikTok not being worse than other apps. Emiliano Espinosa (9), said “…there are plenty of apps that are owned by Chinese companies such as Temu and riot games. But those companies actually take payment information and location, as well as preferences of people, so I don’t think TikTok is as bad as those. But the people banning TikTok have no issue with those apps.”

Nickel expresses how TikTok has given many opportunities to people when she said, “…It takes away a platform that a lot of people use to express themselves and speak their minds. We see a lot of younger people use TikTok to talk about global issues, spread awareness, and support initiatives…”

While social media can have many negative effects on people, there can be many ways people can use social media to be beneficial. Nickel shares how she uses TikTok, she said, “I watch funny videos and trends, highlights of sports games, clips from movies/ shows, and more. I also use it occasionally to find inspiration or recommendations for clothes, books, art, etc.”

Students also notice some consequences that come with TikTok and how the ban might also be helpful. Adams said, “I’ll be on TikTok far longer than expected, so I guess if they were to ban it then I would have more free time.” 

Astou Dione (10), said “ some people use TikTok, as a comfort, but some people are on it way too much. I think that minimizes cyberbullying too, which I see a lot of on TikTok.”

Taking away TikTok will not reduce the amount of time people spend on TikTok, as there are an expansive number of social media platforms. Nickel said, “ I would like to hope I’d fill up the time doing something more productive, like reading, but so many other apps have features similar to TikTok, that I’d probably just use those instead.” Adams proves Nickel’s claim when she said, “I’m not sure how I would fill up that time, probably watching Instagram reels.”

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