Southbend Griddle and Flat Top Grill

Introduction to New Equipment in Foods Classes

February 21, 2020

Before school was out for winter break, the FACs classrooms were moved to the newly renovated E Wing sector with a set of new kitchens for students to familiarize themselves between commercial and residential equipment.

Commercial kitchens offer students skills to enter into the food industry as professional chefs, using restaurant-grade cooking equipment to produce cuisine catered to fine dining. With the new spaces, the capacity of students enrolled in food electives has increased from 10 classes per trimester to 15, giving everyone the opportunity to take one of the five electives.

Mrs. Werner, who teaches Culinary Arts and International Foods, recommends any student to begin their first cooking class with Today’s Chef followed by International Foods and Culinary Arts to learn the basic cooking methods and skills to approach a professional career in the food industry.

Taking a class catered to the culinary arts can benefit anyone with a lifelong skill they can use after high school whether it’s to impress family with scrumptious meals or to save money from going out to eat.

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