The Effect of Breaks From School On Productivity


Ainsley Jakaboski , Staff Writer

Many RAHS students look forward to weekends and breaks. However, different students are affected differently by this time away from school.

12 grader Jessie Gale said sports and spending time with friends and family help him feel more productive. He finds time for these things during the weekends. He commented that “weekends are a good thing because I need time to rest, and I need time to catch up on schoolwork.” Jessie noticed that others often make plans on the weekends and don’t always have time to do their schoolwork.

When asked about long school breaks Jessie said that all students need time away from school. He added that “the workload while they’re in school is a lot.” Jessie called breaks a fresh start. He said they are good reset for the trimesters compared to the weekends which are much shorter.

Ninth grader Gwynth Lynch said without weekends she would be failing school. She really uses them as a time to catch up. “I’m in a lot of classes where I spend the entire weekend doing my homework.” She shared that people seem more ready to work on Monday at the start of the week compared to Friday. “People are done with [school] on Friday but when they come back on Monday, they are ready to learn.”

Ninth grader Astou Dionne agrees with Lynch’s opinions on the weekends. She said she really enjoys them and can spend time doing schoolwork and sports. However, she also shared that school breaks really increase her screen time. “My breaks are really boring, so it increases my screen time. I think that can be a pretty negative thing.”

With few contradictions, it seems that the majority of students at RAHS really look forward to and enjoy weekends and breaks. With that in mind, the breaks we have for the rest of the school year are Friday, April 7th, Friday, April 21st, and Memorial weekend (May 26th-29th), before the last day of school, which is Thursday, June 8th. June 9th will be the first day of summer, the longest and best school break of them all!