The new principal! Get to know Dr. Jennifer Wilson


Naima Sheikh-Mohamed

On March 9th, 2023, Roseville Area District announced Dr. Jennifer Wilson as the new principal to take over for Roseville Area High School for the 2023-2024 school year. Get to know Dr. Wilson in a principal feature.   

Professional Life: 

Dr. Jennifer Wilson has had a variety of jobs during her educational years, including being a high school student council advisor and special education teacher for a school in Iowa, as well as being a support teacher in north Minneapolis. 

Wilson has worked in the Roseville district and said, “After that I became the Assistant Principal at RAHS for one year before then working at RAMS as an Associate Principal. The last 7 years I’ve been a Principal (3 years at Cowern in District 622 and 4 years at Emmet D. Williams here in Roseville)”

Wilson has always wanted to come back to RAHS after being an educator previously and said, “I love Roseville and it was my dream once I became an [assistant] principal to be the RAHS principal some day. …I am a big fan of athletics and arts (music, theater, etc.) so I can’t wait to be present at events showcasing RAHS students!” 

Wilson brought up many ways of support to students here at RAHS and said, “…I’m happy to hear student concerns and successes. I will listen and learn!…I will be an advocate to help students be successful in the setting most appropriate to meet their needs. I’m also excited to be an AVID mentor again!”

Wilson knew as early as sixth grade that she wanted to go into a ‘helping’ position. She remarked on her ‘AHA’ moment, “My sister and I were at a summer camp and had one of those “AHA” moments and ever since my focus has been helping individuals with disabilities.” 

Personal Life: 

Wilson grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and liked living there. She likes Rochester for its uniqueness because it is a big town with 4 high schools but still is located near very small towns. 

She has two kids, one attends RAHS and is currently a Freshman. The other one is a 2nd grader who currently attends Emmett D. Williams Elementary School. Wilson’s pets include some fish and two guinea pigs.

Wilson’s biggest fear is animals in general and when asked the three least likely words that a person would use to describe her, she said “Passive, dishonest and uncoordinated.” 

Random Facts! 

Wilson said she loves to spend time with her family at Gopher football games, camping, athletic events, and playing games.

Some of her hobbies include playing volleyball, reading, and spending time with her friends. Her least favorite fruit is Cantaloupe. 

Wilson debated about her all-time favorite movie and said, “…This one is really tricky! My favorite movie growing up was the original Parent Trap! Sometimes during the holidays I watch Hallmark movies!” 

Recently, Wilson has been watching a few shows including Ginny and Georgia, Emily in Paris, and The Handmaid’s Tale. 


All in all, Wilson has expressed her excitement about working as our new principal at RAHS, and said, “I am excited to learn and determine what RAHS needs. I have a few ideas and will share those once I partner with the other administrators, teachers, BIs, Raider Support staff, and students (of course) to learn more!”