Online Course Options Growing at RAHS

Online Course Options Growing at RAHS

Sophie Syverson and Jayda Wilson

Starting this year, RAHS is offering online courses to replace the normal in-person classroom courses. This year 18 courses had the option to be online, but due to lack of student interest, only three will be running: Health 10, Economics and Government.

Students in an online course are assigned work at the beginning of the week, and given the week to complete them. They have a choice of going to the library, commons, or other classrooms during the hour to complete their work.

Although the amount of work turned in goes down as the trimester goes on, online health teacher Mr. Crosby says that the work submitted and grades are very similar to in person classes.

Despite the fact that they may not be for everyone, online Economics teacher Mr. Sanders thinks online courses are a “great alternative for some students”.

Sophomore Norah Smith in online health says that it’s a good opportunity to “learn time management skills,” because you can use your time differently. She commented that “if you have a heavy schedule I would recommend an online course!”

As for the teachers, online economics teacher, Ira Sanders says he “can improvise and be creative in a different way than in person classes.” Both sanders and Crosby would teach online classes again if given the option.

Although online classes may not be for everyone, as the time for students to choose their classes for next year comes up quickly, Mr. Crosby says they “should spend time looking through the course catalog they receive for courses selection in early January. Many options are available!”