RAHS Food Shelf


Evelyn Sagor, Editor-in-Chief

One lesser known student resource at Roseville Area Schools is the food shelf, which is available to all students, no questions asked. The food shelf is located in the upper C-Wing and can be unlocked by any staff member at any time during the school day.

According to Ms. Murphy, the food shelf has “lots of non-perishable food items, school supplies, hygiene products and some winter clothing items,” and donations of any of these items are welcomed.

Donations can be made to Ms. Murphy or Mr. Garcia in Student Support Services. Ms. Murphy wants students to make sure that any non-perishable items are not expired before donating them.

Right now, the food shelf is looking specifically for donations of personal hygiene items, such as deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, soap, and chapstick, but donations of any type are always appreciated.

Ms. Murphy urged any students who are looking for volunteer opportunities to sign up for “Raider time sessions on Tuesday and Thursday where they can help organize/sort items and stock shelves with new donations.”

Ms. Murphy is not sure exactly how long the food shelf has been going for, but she knows that “it has been running for a long time.” This is Mr. Garcia’s second year running it and Ms. Murphy’s first year, and she said that she is happy to be running things with him.

Any questions about the food shelf can be directed to Ms. Murphy ([email protected]) or Mr. Garcia ([email protected]).