Erik at the Movies: A Review of Marvel’s Werewolf by Night


Erik Larson, Staff Writer

The latest film from Marvel Studios, Werewolf By Night (2022), is a love letter to classic Universal monster movies, and manages to stand on its own from the rest of the MCU in its short runtime.

The plot is simple, a group of hunters come together and try to lay claim to a powerful artifact but first must kill a deadly monster to use its power.

In contrast to most of Marvel’s other offerings, this is surprisingly gory and the strict adherence to using practical effects whenever possible gives the prosthetics an extremely lifelike feel.

The director Michael Giacchino manages to do a fantastic job, adding many flourishes such as the grainy black and white film texture and little reel cue marks to give it an old school charm, while also integrating his own self composed score that further enhances the experience.

In conclusion: I hope Marvel takes more risks like this, as this was a breath of fresh air. 8/10.

Werewolf By Night is streaming on Disney+