Power Lifting: An inclusive activity for RAHS students

Natalie Horseman, Staff Writer

From cross country to quiz bowl, Roseville Area High School has many extra curricular options. Power lifting is one you may not know about. The Power lifting program meets before school and is run by math teacher and football coach, Nash Lueken.

Participants enjoy this club for many reasons. For starters it is inclusive. Strengths differ, but the constant is if a lifter puts in the work they will get stronger. So even if a person can barely lift the bar, they should not worry.  As long as they put in the work, they will improve.

Many female students have also joined the club since last year.

Participants do not need to compete. They can choose to but if they only want to get stronger, they can do just that too.

Roseville has some superstar power-lifters. Senior Sierra Sedlacek holds all Minnesota records for her age and weight class.

She also set the American records last winter but since then someone has beat it. This season Sierra is preparing to compete for the record again.

There are three competitive lifts, squat, bench, and deadlift. Sedlacek’s best squat is 310 pounds, her bench is 175, and a deadlift of 325 which is incredibly impressive.

If you are interested joining the club you can sign up at RAHS Activities website. The group meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 6:30-7:30am.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up.  The Power Lifting team is a fun, healthy, and an overall great environment.