Prom 2022: Everything You Need to Know


Isaac Cronin, Editor and Social Media Lead

Upperclassmen at Roseville Area High School have a lot to look forward to in the spring, but what many believe to be the most exciting is the Prom. High schoolers nationwide have celebrated Prom as the most formal and important dance of their high school careers, and students at Roseville are no different.

As is tradition, Prom is only open to juniors and seniors, unless an upperclassman chooses to bring a freshman or sophomore as a date. Prom is something students look forward to throughout their school years. This year’s will be the first prom with both juniors and seniors since the dance in 2019. 

Prom this year will be on April 23rd at CHS Field in St. Paul. The dance will start at 8pm and will end at 11pm. Upon arrival students will need a photo ID in correspondence with their ticket, which must be purchased online at SmartSchoolk12. There will be no entrance after 9:30, and no re-entrance if you choose to leave CHS Field. There will be a breathalyzer test at the door to ensure safety, and water will be provided at no charge in order to keep students hydrated.

 Prom this year will be the second in a row to be held at CHS Field. The fledgling tradition started last year after seniors from the class of 2021 planned their own prom at the ballpark after hearing Roseville’s administration had no plans to hold the dance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, Juniors weren’t able to attend this Prom unless accompanying a senior. This gives the class of 2022 even more to look forward to as they get ready for the dance they’ve been waiting so long for. 

The Prom is always quite an event. The Grand March will be at 4pm Saturday in the lower gym at RAHS. This is an opportunity for students to show off their outfits (and their dates!) by marching through the gym in a procession for all the families, friends, and other spectators to see, and to get a few pictures of course. Speaking of pictures, many groups will be taking pictures before the dance starts, which we’re sure to see on instagram feeds throughout the weekend. After pictures most students will go out to dinner with their dates or their groups, so they have plenty of energy to dance! After dinner they’ll go to CHS Field for the main event. The dance is themed “Written in The Stars,” which was decided by this year’s Prom Committee. 

Administration, Student Council, The Prom Committee, and your fellow students hope everyone has a safe, fun, memorable Prom, and we can’t wait to see you there!