Did someone hear a Turkey?

Gobble Gobble


Students draw turkeys on their hands to share festivity.

Michael Kysylyczyn, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 23rd Roseville Area High School hosted its annual Turkey Bingo. Students school-wide participated in 3 rounds of bingo with a festive twist. Students who got a Bingo were required to gobble down the halls in order to collect their prize. Roseville Area High School’s Student Council hosted booths handing out snacks to their gobbling classmates.


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  • Samantha Sayeeduzzaman (left) and Lily Viskoe (right) collect cards for Turkey Bingo.

  • Students draw turkeys on their hands to share festivity.

  • Mars Burleson (front) and Marie Lohr (back) participate in Turkey Bingo as numbers are called over school intercoms.

  • Student council member Layla Sheikh-Mohamed poses in front of a snack stand.

  • After getting their first Bingo, Tara Brechon (front) and Kelly Nelson (back) run down the hall to collect their rewards.

  • Students gather to collect their Turkey Bingo winnings.