Winter at RAHS

Winter at RAHS

Winter can be a dark, quiet time in Minnesota.  However, the sports, clubs and activities at RAHS are thriving.  Here is a run down of what is happening at RAHS this winter.



Girls Basketball

Isaac Cronin, Assistant Editor and Social Media Lead

Girls basketball has high hopes for their upcoming season. After an interesting 2020-2021 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the players are ready to come back with full force.  Senior captain Hannah Heffernan cites the team’s hard work as a reason she believes the team can make it to state. Hattie Devries, another captain, believes the team's small size will be an obstacle to overcome, but sh...

Boys Basketball

Winter Beats: Newspaper Club

Cayeden Holmes, Staff writer

Students at RAHS have a chance to join many of the extracurricular activities all during high school that the school provides as some of them on a resume or college application can look pretty great, just by going to any of the club meetings or tryouts. The Newspapers Club has pretty solid goals for the winter, which include recruiting more reporters and building leadership and readership of the...

Roseville Boys Swimming

Orchestra Activities at RAHS

Sebastian Luna, Staff Writer

The year round RAHS orchestra extra curricular activities give students another outlet to play music and gain experience.  The orchestra's four extra curricular activities’ each offer a variety of benefits as well as more chances to perform.  The Chamber Orchestra is an audition entry orchestra that allows students to play professional level music.  The Cello and Viola Ensemble is a chanc...

A Glance at Robotics Club

Quiz Bowl

Naima Sheikh-Mohamed, Staff Writer

The Quiz Bowl is preparing to win competitions, building a cohesive team, and to get better at skills pertained to this club. This year’s Quiz Bowl is special because it’s a brand new team, and that gives them the opportunity to grow together. Quiz Bowl is led by captain Erik Larson. It is coached by Ira Sanders. They hope to help each other to win competitions, use teamwork to their advantage,...

Black Student Union

Naima Sheikh-Mohamed, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union is a club open to anyone, but focuses on centrally black ideas for events at school, fundraisers, and much more. The Black Student Union is preparing many events during this winter and spring which include African Night, Taste of Africa, Charity week, and more. This year’s Black Student Union is special because this group of students has faced adversity though COVID, police...

Peb Haiv

T B, Staff Writer

Peb Haiv is a place for students to celebrate and learn about Hmong culture. As of writing, student leaders of RAHS’ Peb Haiv (Hmong club) Melanie Soe and Uviusia Vang have shared goals, events they look forward to, and the jobs of a student leader.  “One of our goals for Peb Haiv this year is to reunite our community,” Vang said.  The pandemic disrupted the usual way of life for many ...

Girls in STEM
RAHS Girls Hockey Takes to the Ice

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