Peb Haiv

Peb Haiv is a place for students to celebrate and learn about Hmong culture.

As of writing, student leaders of RAHS’ Peb Haiv (Hmong club) Melanie Soe and Uviusia Vang have shared goals, events they look forward to, and the jobs of a student leader. 

“One of our goals for Peb Haiv this year is to reunite our community,” Vang said. 

The pandemic disrupted the usual way of life for many students. To accomplish this, Vang said that there are several group activities planned. “The leaders have also taken the time to learn the names of all 60 members so no one will have to feel left out.”

“We are looking forward to just working together as a community,” Soe said.

Peb Haiv is a student-run club with 4 student leaders, and many more co-leaders. This makes sure that no one student feels overwhelmed with their duties. Each leader has a specific area they work within, being either Fashion, Skit, Dance, or Stage.

“As of right now, Peb Haiv is currently focusing on preparing for the open mic show during December. Most of our members are looking forward to performing the open mic show,” Soe said. 

In addition Peb Haiv is preparing for their annual show in the spring. “It has been a long tradition of Peb Haiv to host a show every year to celebrate, honor, and showcase our culture and heritage. It is something we are very proud of,” said Soe. 


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