Know the facts: Roseville’s Operating Levy



Residents will vote to renew or increase the school’s operating levy.

Naima Sheikh-Mohamed, Staff Writer

November 2nd is the date to save for Roseville district residents. This is an Election Day, where people will vote on multiple things including Roseville Area Schools Operating Levy. The Operating Levy is all about renewing and increasing local funding for Roseville schools and will decide school funding, class size, academic programs and much more. 

The Roseville Area School District is requesting to have more financial support for their school, and they will try to achieve this goal by getting the Operating Levy approved. 

The ballot includes two questions pertaining to he operated levy. The first question asks to renew the current operating levy, and this no tax increase would lessen but not eliminate major cuts. The second question would then request an increase in the operating levy to support students and gain financial stability.

If voters do not approve both questions, financial support will become unstable. Results like staff cuts, rising class sizes, fewer support for students, and more would eventually occur. 

Compared to other districts, Roseville Area High School has one of the lowest voter-approved operating levies. With inflation continuing to rise, the state funding for education has a funding gap, allowing for less funding to support schools, staff and students.

For an actual increase in the operating Levy, voters must approve question one, which does not take any money as it is only a renewal. If voters approve question two, the estimated monthly tax increase would be 22 dollars. 

The Roseville Area School district has not asked to increase the operating Levy since 2006. Over the last eight years, they have cut their operating budget by 8 million dollars. 

Anyone 18 and older can vote, including seniors at the Roseville Area High School. Locations for voting can vary depending on where you live. Visit to find out where you can vote.