RAHS Takes on COVID-19

October 1, 2021

The 2021 school year marks a return to in person learning for students in the Roseville community.   The pandemic has changed so much, the school, the staff and the students.   Here are a collections of stories regarding how RAHS is impacted by the pandemic.

RAHS takes on COVID by masking up

Although most students and staff understand the importance of masks and some push back.

Roseville Area High School students returned to class in person this school fall with some new in school policies in place because of the pandemic. Many students could see this coming because of how the country has been dealing with the pandemic. After going to school online from home for over a year to being in person with masks among other changes, students will have to adjust to a new school life.

The school has had made some changes including the new sections of the school and the requirement of masks for everyone. The masks have been added in order to fight the COVID 19 pandemic by preventing the spread of the virus between students.

Some students have said they dislike wearing masks almost all day.  Senior Cody McDonough said “I understand why we have to wear them, but I also don’t think they’re necessary.”

Although some of the students feel like masks are unnecessary, the school nurse Ann Dépolis-Jones, explains that masks are more than necessary. She said, “It’s important to do everything that we can to prevent the spread of the virus. There are fully vaccinated people getting COVID, so it’s still important to wear masks.”

Even though some students think the pandemic masking rules are less than ideal, others feel like the school is handling it well. Freshman Kenneth Vicuña said, “I feel like the school is doing a good job. I don’t think I could think of anything they could do differently.”

Overall, students feel like the school is doing everything they can in this pandemic, and are fine with doing everything they can to limit the spread of COVID throughout the school.

Masks At Roseville Area High School

For the first trimester at RAHS, students and staff are required to wear masks throughout the school day. The mask mandate helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

The mandate is required for now with low vaccination rates and high COVID-19 case numbers. Masks may be optional in the future depending on if more people get vaccinated.

On September 14th the Roseville Area Schools School Board voted to require vaccines for all staff.  With these regulations starting to be implemented most of RAHS staff will be vaccinated which will start to curve this pandemic at RAHS.

Even if students and staff are fully vaccinated, masks should still be worn. The school nurse Ann Depolis-Jones believes masks should be required for everyone including the fully vaccinated.

Depolis-Jones stated that, “we know that some of the people that are fully vaccinated are becoming infected with COVID-19. Even though they don’t have as severe disease, they can still spread the virus.”

Many find wearing masks uncomfortable. Day-long masking irritates faces, making them itchy or dry. The School Media specialist Holly Oreschnick has the same problem but also understands the need for masking.

“Yes the masks do irritate my face for sure, as I definitely notice my face gets dryer and my skin breaks out,” said Oreschnick. 

Still she sees the importance in masking and thinks masks should be required for everyone including the fully vaccinated.  “We don’t have enough people that are vaccinated to be able to say let’s go back to normal,”added Oreschnick.

This pandemic has been a long and tough battle. Everyone at RAHS wants to return back to normal, maybe soon the school will be able to return to some kind of normalcy.




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