Attendance Explosion in GSA


Michael Kysylyczyn, Staff Writer

In Roseville Area High School, a LGBTQ+ extracurricular club has seen a recent attendance explosion. During distance learning, the GSA (Gender Sexually Alliance) only had five active members. Whereas as of the club’s last meeting, almost 80 members were present.

In the past the GSA  has experienced roadblocks involving enrollment. 

“One of our issues is we don’t want to out people,”stated Oren Wolfe, a sophomore recently attending GSA. Wolfe further states due to controversy involving LGBTQ+ groups, the extracurricular does not openly advertise the clubs name and purpose. 

Another reason for enrollment downfall last year involves Coronavirus. 

“It was really sad,” said Ruhiyyih Wartchow, a rare GSA attendee last year.“Including the teacher, I want to say there were five of us who came regularly,” Wartchow states.

Wartchow attributes last year’s low attendance to Coronavirus.  Now, with its growth in membership, this year’s GSA has big plans. 

“I know [GSA] is trying to do more awareness setting [and] it’s is trying to find more ways to inform people about the [LGBTQ+] community, to end confusion,” Wolfe said.

“Fundraising, posters around school promoting GSA, going to classrooms and talking to the class about what GSA does, and how you can help,” are just a few of the ideas Wartchow has.

GSA, with its recent attendance explosion, hopes to bring awareness to Roseville Areas High School’s LGBTQ+ presence. 

Wartchow said, “Conversations around GSA aren’t new, but things have changed.”