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Depop: A Side Hustle for High Schoolers


What is Depop? Just like Poshmark, Craiglist, and eBay, Depop is one of many platforms out there where people can sell and buy things from each other. However, as a teen, it can be hard to find trustworthy platforms that are looking out for your safety. In this article, I will go into detail about the ins and outs of how Depop works and my personal experience using the platform.

The basics of Depop are very similar to most selling platforms. You have to take a picture of your item, fill out the description, post with a listing price, and wait until you have offers. You do have to provide a card for them to deposit money into and an address to put on the label. Getting paid for a sale will take sometime because you aren’t paid until the buyer receives the order, and sometimes it won’t process until a couple of days after they get it. You can find how much you still have to get paid under the Depop balance in your settings or under each sales receipt.

Depop, however, is flexible on shipping. In the settings, you can pick how you would prefer to ship items you sell. I find it easier to have the buyer pay for shipping, that way all you have to do is buy shipping bags, print the label, and drop the package off at the post office. This procedure allows you to sell things with no contact with the buyer and lets you save on shipping costs as well.

Junior, Maddie Spiess, who has been an avid seller on Depop shares her opinion on this process and said, “I do think it’s a very quick and efficient way to make money, especially because there is little that you have to do except package it up and ship it out.”

However, there are some downsides to this platform, Depop does take a portion of the money you make from every sale. Let’s say you sold an item for $20, you’d probably end up making about $15-16 from the sale instead.

It’s important to note that the less you sell an item for, the less Depop will take, but it is still noteworthy that they do take a part of your profit.

Spiess also points out the problem with this system and said, “I like it except for the fact that Depop takes such a high percentage of the sales so therefore  people up-charge items that could be bought for less like unused simply because Depop takes so much of the profit.”

From a newer seller perspective, I have learned to do that. Although it sucks as a buyer, it’s understandable why a seller would do this. I’ve stopped pricing items at what I think they should be and started jacking up the prices a few dollars higher so I can make the profit I want.

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