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Cisum: It’s Music Backwards


Music is one of the most important and prevalent aspects of life, with almost everyone having a favorite song or artist. We often listen to music on Spotify or Apple Music, but there are so many different forms and ways to enjoy it. Live performances happen all over the world every day, whether it’s an A-list celebrity kicking off their tour or a local band just starting up.

Here at RAHS, we have three students who are passionate about music and organized their own rock band outside of school. It’s called Cisum, which drummer Radke came up with by spelling “music” backward. Cisum’s members at RAHS include junior Peter Linabery, who plays the guitar, bass, and piano; Ruby Eskin, senior, lead singer, and ukulele, guitar, and synth bass player; and Lucy Lewandowski, also a junior, the lead guitarist. Kiera Radke, the drummer, and Leif Newman, a pianist, attend Coon Rapids and Twin Rivers, respectively. Additionally, they have a manager, Dr. Spencer Miller.

The musicians met at Sarah Jane’s Music School in Minneapolis while taking lessons for their respective instruments. Someone decided to organize a band, and all five were interested, so Cisum was formed.

Cisum has only done covers so far, but Linabery says, “There is talk about possibly trying to work on something original in the future.” The band members choose a song they want to learn, and a teacher at their music school helps them arrange it by ear. Peter’s favorite covers have been “Blue Ridge Mountains” by Fleet Foxes and “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

The future of the band is still uncertain as two members, Eskin and Newman, will be graduating this year. However, they have had fun over the years “making music and performing for friends and family.” Although it can be stressful for them to find time to rehearse, which they try to do once a week, the overall experience is fun and a great excuse to hang out with each other.

Cisum performs at venues like First Ave. Linabery is unsure when or where their next show will be, but be on the lookout for any news or get in contact with a band member if you’re interested in their music or performances!

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Amelie Nickel, Staff Writer
Hi, my name is Amelie, I'm a senior at RAHS and this is my first year on the newspaper. I run cross country and track, and when I'm not running I love to listen to music, watch soccer, and read! I’m looking forward to writing op-eds and contributing RAHS sports news to The Ville!

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