Survey Says: School is Students’ Number One Stressor


Tara Miller and Jayda Wilson

It’s no secret that young people today are stressed. The Ville surveyed RAHS students during the last week of January and found that school causes teens the most stress.

When asked about their biggest stressors 91% of RAHS students cited school and grades followed by family at 36% and extra curricular activities at 32%.  Rounding out the top five were peer relationships and work. 

Students attributed school stress to homework, grading practices, early mornings and the quick pacing in some classes.  

Raiders frequently mentioned lack of sleep as a byproduct of their stress, which is why late starts on Wednesdays were frequently mentioned as their favorite morning. One respondent wrote that it would be helpful if “everyday was a late start like Wednesdays.”

Many respondents also mentioned the desire for a study hall or free period.  

“Maybe [we should have] a study hall,” one respondent commented. “I know it’s a lot to ask for less school work but I really think there’s no need for so much work that I’m up until 12 am doing my homework.”

Most students know how to access support systems at RAHS however many see some need for improvements.  Some Raiders shared confusion about who they should see for different problems.  One respondent requested the school, “make it more obvious [who we should see] counselors or psychologists?” 

Other respondents expressed incredulity in whether the school can help with students’ mental health.  One respondent said, “To be honest, I don’t believe anyone in the school can help improve students’ mental health besides the students themselves.  But, I guess they can have some support from the teachers, staff, etc…”