BookTok or BookFlop?


Annika Wilkowske

Welcome back to BookTok or BookFlop! 

This dystopian romance, It Ends With Us blew up on TikTok and is an essential read in the BookTok realm. This book is written by the prolific BookTok writer Colleen Hoover, or CoHo, as she’s more affectionately known on the platform. 

With four million (and counting) copies sold and dominance of bestseller lists, It Ends With Us is easily a smash hit… but does it live up to its extreme popularity? 

This CoHo classic follows recent graduate Lily as she embarks on life after college. After moving to Boston, she starts her own business and meets Ryle, a neurosurgeon. The two fall in love and venture into a relationship. But as concerns arise in this seemingly picture-perfect romance, someone from Lily’s past appears, Atlas. Will Atlas prevent Lily from living the dream, or will he save her from a nightmare?

A steamy romance, with a heart shattering message and building suspense, It Ends With Us is no doubt hard to put down. I flew through this book, searching for the happy ending. Every page was heart-wrenching and had me at the edge of my seat. This book paints a powerful picture of manipulation and abuse, one that is sparking an important conversation among teens on BookTok. Hoover illustrates complex characters and a complex narrative, one that moves past a glistening and perfect romance. 

It Ends With Us is not only well written, it’s paving a path for necessary conversations. This is no doubt a BookTok!