2023 Registration Information


Evelyn Sagor, Editor-in-Chief

With winter break quickly approaching, RAHS students should be on the lookout for details surrounding registration. Registration opens just after winter break and closes on January 27. Students can register online through StudentVue.

On January 5th, there will be a “Ready for RAHS” event at the high school for incoming students from 5-7 PM.

On January 6th, there will be class meetings throughout the day to discuss registration. Throughout the month (until the January 27th deadline) teachers will provide structured information and answer any questions that students may have. Many teachers are hosting raider time sessions in the coming weeks to discuss course options in the subjects that they teach.

According to Associate Principal Naida Grussing-Neitzel, “choosing a balanced set of classes is very important to students’ success.” Students have the choice to take classes in a variety of subjects. Grussing-Neitzel says that the school is equally as invested in promoting its career pathway courses and AP and college credit courses.

RAHS Administration recommends that all students take a course of rigor-for some, this is an AP class, for others it’s a class in a new area that they haven’t learned about yet.

An important piece of information for all RAHS students to understand is that this year, the administration has changed the name of Pre-AP classes. For the 23’-24’ school year, these classes will be called Accelerated.

Grussing-Neitzel clarified that “the courses are not changing, just the name will be new.” For example, Pre-AP chemistry will be listed as Accelerated Chemistry on the registration website this year.

Students considering PSEO or online classes will need to fill out a request form, which can be found on the registration website. Additionally, Grussing-Neitzel noted, “students considering PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) should choose PSEO as an alternate choice on their registration.”

Grussing-Neitzel commented that “Course registrations are important and final, as we staff our school based on students’ registrations.”

After registration closes, students will receive an email confirming their selections. Student schedules will be available at the end of August. Any questions about registration should be directed towards counselors.