Erik at the Movies: The Shining

A Scary Season Classic Everyone Should Watch.

Erik at the Movies: The Shining

Erik Larson, Staff Writer

The Shining (1980)= RЕDЯUM.  This film is so meticulously crafted where everything adds up to something truly unique. The cinematography and set design are on another level and create a lingering feeling of uncertainty and unease. The story is about a family who agree to take care of the Overlook hotel for the winter and about the supernatural events that occur during their stay. All of the performances are top notch and Jack Nicholson gives one of the best roles of his career. Director Stanley Kubrick did a fantastic job and this is an all time classic. A MUST WATCH. 10/10.

P.S. I love the carpets in this movie. I don’t know why but they all look so good!

-The Shining is streaming on HBO Max