To Flare or Not to Flare?

The prolific flare style is making yet another comeback.


Emma Vang and Maddie Spiess

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Flared bottoms are back in style in 2022. But who is to say if they ever really left?

Flares pants have legs that widen below the knee and, because this style is so versatile, it has made appearances through many decades in different modes.  For example the iconic low rise flared jeans era in the 2000s and flared yoga pants from the 90s are both making their way back into the 2022 fashion trends.

Though like all trends, this specific comeback has gained a mixture of feelings and opinions from people.

With that said, we wanted to gather the thoughts of some of our very own fashionable students at RAHS and get their feedback on the comeback of flared pants. The first person we interviewed said that they weren’t a fan of the flared style on any kind of pants because it didn’t fit their personal style.

However, they also told us that they still think it looks good on people who enjoy wearing them.

Another person we asked told us that it’s their favorite fashion trend as of right now and that they absolutely love the flared style on pants, especially on low waisted jeans. They told us they have not personally tried the style yet but they adore the style on other people.

According to The Guardian flared style pants originated in the early 19th century and were worn by sailors in the US Navy. Before they were ever a part of mainstream fashion they served as a functional clothing choice for sailors. The flared bottom allowed for their pants to be worn over boots and was easier to roll up when needed.

The style is known mostly for its popularity in the late 60s and 70s when it was also know as “bell bottoms”.

Whether these pants are dressed up or down, they can almost always fit into anybody’s personal style.

Now in 2022, we’re seeing them come back in many different ways. We encourage everyone to try on some flare pants. You never know if it could end up being your favorite new fashion trend as well.