Notes from the Board: 9/28 School Board Meeting Recap

The final September meeting highlighted progress on new programming.


Back: Frank Shaw, Curtis Johnson, Rose Chu Front: Kitty Gogins, Mike Boguszewski, Todd Anderson

Sophia Demerath, Staff Writer

The September 28th Community Board meeting marked the second committee gathering of the 2021-2022 school year. Topics surrounding summer programming, MCAs, and student enrollment were discussed in the RAMS auditorium last Tuesday night.  

After the community input forum, board members invited summer program directors Karen Schaub, Tad Hagen, Cyndi Arneson, and Laura Freer to share the highlights of their summer sessions. 

At Harambee Elementary, the district attempted Pre-K programming for the first time, which turned out to be a success.  

Multiple credit recovery modules at RAHS as well as FAHS also proved valuable for students who fell behind during distance learning.

Jake Von De Linde, director of student achievement, presented this past year’s MCA Proficiency Report. 

Roseville saw a 37% decrease in participation due to COVID-19 compared to a statewide decrease of 21%. Despite lower testing numbers, the district scored significantly higher in the reading portion than the state average.

The Monthly Financial Report had little to present outside of custodial and building expenses due to the beginning of the school year, however, rates of enrollment are steady. Students are continuing to register almost daily.

Lastly, the Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Plan called for assurance of up​​ to $13,250,000 in bonds over the next ten years. Projects include the replacement of heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, and ceiling repairs across several district elementary schools.

The preliminary levy approval for the plan was passed unanimously.