Blue Light Glasses Improving Our Online Lives

Amelia Flack, Staff Writer

Trendy new blue light glasses are available to help the users’ eyes while being on screens. As more and more is done online, from school, to work and even ordering food, many people of all ages have struggled with eye irritation caused by the harmful blue light of screens. These glasses work by the lens filtering or blocking the blue light stopping eye irritation.

Blue light has many negative impacts on eyes. According to the Cleveland Health Clinic blue light has been proven to cause watery or dry eyes, temporary blurry vision, sleep disruption, eye irritation and strain.

However the blue light glasses have helped many people with eye irritations. Erin Linn Sattler, a community member, is on a computer everyday for work and she claimed, “I had blurry vision but it went away with the glasses and they left my eyes less irritated and my face more relaxed.”

Georgia Sizer, a student attending SPCPA said she would get headaches and have trouble reading online after long amounts of time. However when she tried the glasses she stated, “the glasses help me read better online and stopped my headaches.”

However blue light isn’t the only part of screens that can be harmful. Eye doctor Venessa Cole said, “many eye irritations are actually caused by not blinking enough and focusing towards one area for too long.”

Ophthalmologist Rishi Singh says, “when we focus our eyes on something close up, like a screen or even a book, our eyes are strained and contracted, which can cause eye discomfort. But if you look ahead to a distant object, our eyes relax.” He recommends to use eye drops, every 20 minutes look at something 20ft away for 20 seconds and try to sit 25 inches (about an arm’s length) from your computer.

Blue light glasses are available on Amazon for $20 but can range towards $100 for designer frames.