COVID-19 Impacts MEA Plans

Tommy Fawcett, Staff Writer

Students and Teachers of Roseville Area High School (RAHS), say Covid-19 affected what they did October 15-18 or, MEA break. Normally, the majority of students and teachers would go on a trip out of town, but this year it was different.

MEA stands for Minnesota Education Academy and is a meeting that a lot of teachers around Minnesota attend. They learn about new developments and teaching strategies.

Other people that weren’t working for MEA had different plans but similar limitations. 

“Playing video games, sleeping in, exercising” are things that Cohan Moua, a student at RAHS, plans to do during his MEA break. Cohan also explains “those are things I enjoy doing and keep me busy.”

Josie Lavell, another student from Roseville says, “I’m spending MEA with my family and friend.” She also said, “I like keeping busy with my friends and family and keeping up to date with them.”

Both students reasons for what they were going to do were in common, in that they both are just doing things to keep them busy. But, Ms. Colleen Williams-Freier’s, a teacher at RAHS’, reason was different.

“I’m spending my break at my family cabin working on an addition. Because of Covid-19, the supplies were late and we are trying to get finished before cold and snow”, said Ms. Colleen Williams-Freier. 

Cohan Moua also added, “if we weren’t quarantined right now, I’d hang out with my friends in person. But, I enjoyed MEA because I did things I usually couldn’t do on school nights, like playing video games.”

COVID-19, a deadly virus that has been spread across the planet. It has forced the creation of guidelines and special accommodations to prevent the spread of the virus. Countries have been advised to not be in large groups of people, and if people want to get together it is advised that they wear masks.


Current update: The governor has recently increased restrictions again as of Friday November 20th. This is causing Thanksgiving plans to be disrupted, similar to MEA break.