Valentine’s Day 2020

Ava Negrete

Love is in the air at RAHS, or is it? According to polls conducted on my Instagram story, 41% of students do not like Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a controversial subject amongst students. Many think it’s a gross display of couples doing PDA, while others find it an endearing holiday for all types of love. One responder commented “I dislike people going completely over the top for one day.” This response is reflective of 42% of voters saying that they do not give people gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Contrary to that, many students said their favorite part of Valentine’s Day is receiving gifts and chocolate. Besides receiving chocolate, buying their own chocolate brings them joy too. “The sale on the chocolates the day after” is how many students get through this love filled day.

Until the candy goes on sale, students are forced to acknowledge their least favorite parts about Valentine’s Day. Couples displaying affection in the halls and being single. While many students say that couples show too much affection, one response about the worst part of Valentine’s Day shows that being bothered by it may be a personal problem, “Seeing the couples that make me feel lonely. Rude. I can’t help that I have commitment issues”.

At the end of the day, one response puts others to rest. How do you feel seeing couples together on Valentine’s Day? “I mean I see them together every single day so what’s so special bout it on the 14th”. Valentine’s Day is an undoubtedly sweet holiday, whether it’s because of the couples or the candy.