Progress for RAHS Progressives

Thomas Wheeler, Staff Writer

Sophomore Aidan Thomsen is trying to create a new progressive’s club here at Roseville Area High School.

The club, called RAHS Progressives, is planned to start meeting soon after MEA weekend, after it’s been approved by the school.

Thomsen said the purpose of the club was “To create a non-partisan club for progressives and student activists to meet and work together to push for progressive policies in the state and country.”

He also stated that some of the goals of the club were “To create a network of progressive activists at RAHS and to connect with others outside of our school.” He also plans to host fundraisers for causes chosen by the group once it starts.

Noah Hanson, a senior who plans to attend RAHS Progressives, states that he “Hopes we can spread information and make more people think critically about politics.” and he also hopes that the club can “Reach those who aren’t particularly involved in political discourse and get them to critically evaluate candidates on the basis of specific policy.”

However, Thomsen acknowledged that there are a few roadblocks in starting the club. He stated that “We can’t advertise our club with posters until we are an official approved club, but can’t become an official club until we have 15 people, which we need to advertise with posters to get.” This is the main reason the club isn’t planned to start meeting until soon after MEA weekend.

Thomsen has found others ways to advertise the club however, creating an Instagram account, @rahs.progressives, to advertise on.

This isn’t Thomsen’s first time trying to organize an event like this, last year, during the controversy about the removal of the day off before Thanksgiving, Thomsen was one of the students who helped create the now defunct Students Union. The goal of that organization was to give students a voice in school wide policy changes.

For anyone interested in RAHS Progressives, Thomsen wants them to know that “RAHS Progressives welcomes everyone to our club and encourage you to come to our first meeting once we get approved.”

For more information about the club and when it will meet, follow @rahs.progressives on Instagram.