What is Roseville area high school’s gaming club and why you should check it out

John Moua, Writer

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Every Wednesday after school around 3:00pm in the school’s lunch room office, is where the gaming club is located at. Roseville area high school’s gaming club is meant to bring in students who enjoy playing games and love entering in big e-sports tournaments in the state.

In the gaming union/gamers club; there are many games you could play and participate in. Card games, PC games, and console games are just a few examples of the wide varieties the school has to offer. 

If there’s not an interesting type of game in the gaming club you’d like to play; whether it’s a board game, video game, or card games you could always bring your own game and play it with others. 

The club leader encourages students to recommend games they would love to play if it’s not there. Some games like Call Of Duty aren’t allowed to be played in the club for mature purposes, but if students really wanted to play it they must talk to the school board to see if they could get an exception.

I went around asking students from the gamers union how they found out about the club and what made them join, and why they love gaming. Here’s what they had to say. 

“I found out about the club on the daily announcements news, and I went to the first meeting to check it out,” said William Lee a 9th grade student from the gamers union. 

Sam Brigham a 9th grader said, “I like watching things on the internet which got me into gaming when I saw others play it,” “I like gaming because you could just use simple finger movements on a controller and you control them to do whatever.” 

Many of the students from the club were already gaming before and wanted to join to play and hang out with their friends after school. 

Co-advisor Jason Olson has worked at many schools before working here at RAHS as a student teacher. “I’d always playing video games as a kid, now that I’m older, I prefer to play some fun board games,” said Co-advisor of the gamers union. 

Mr. Olson wanted to be the gamers union Co-advisor because he loves investing into the schools and communities. 

Whether you’re new to playing games or is just looking for a challenge, maybe trying to find a fun way to spend your Wednesday with your friends after school; the gamers club is something you should check out.