Kris Elfstrom from student support services wins RAHS door decorating competition


Victoria Smith

The school-wide door decorating competition for homecoming this year had many participants and many onlookers. Kris Elfstrom from student support services (SSS) won the competition.

The door only took a day to create, and to Elfstrom it was fun to make. Elfstrom’s inspiration for the contest was this year’s homecoming football game, the Raiders versus the Bears, so she was thinking about a circus tamer when making the door. Elfstoms said “I love glitter and sparkle”.


She made the door pretty much by herself, with the help of a Teacher Assistant taping the bears onto the door. 


Her prize is a traveling trophy filled with DumDums and bragging rights, Elfstom also gets to keep the trophy until the next door competition. 


Elfstoms said “I plan to win next year.” referring to next homecomings competition. She feels very proud and is excited for next year’s door decorating competition.