How students feel about the Homecoming of 2019

John Moua, Staff writer

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On the first week of October 2019; Roseville Area High School students will have their homecoming week to celebrate the return of the new school year. We asked some students about their opinions on the upcoming homecoming week.

“This year it’s different since we have a dance this time,” said 10th grade Shalaya Thomas. Many students have mixed feelings on homecoming this year.

Every year Roseville Area High School celebrates the beginning of a new school year by having a homecoming week, bringing fun activities for freshmen all the way through seniors alike.

Most freshmen are quite excited for the upcoming football game, since it’s a big event that many students and families will come watch the Roseville varsity football team play that evening.

As many are excited to see their school and favorite players play against White Bear Lake Area Highschool, some just want to hang out with friends instead at the game. “I’d watch the game a bit but mostly hang out with my friends and talk and have fun,” said Simon Peterson a 10th grader.

“My favorite part of homecoming week was the pancake day, because we got to eat pancakes for breakfast,” said Keane Brier a 12th grade student.

Pancake day on homecoming week is one of the many days students say it’s their favorite. “They make pancakes in front of you and then you have to catch it when they flip it,” said Brier.

Freshmen students are mostly interested in hanging out with their friends and going to the homecoming dance or football game. 9th grader Hailey Reid said “Since its my first year here at Roseville Area Highschool I want to check out the homecoming football game and dance with my friends.”

While there are hype and excitement in others, some find these events boring saying “I’m going to be busy that day doing homework,” Jacob said or “It’s going to be kinda boring since I’ve been to a dance here before and it felt dead,” stated Isabella Xiong.

“I guess since i’m a senior now and it’s my last year I want to hang out with my friends you know, and go to the football and dance that week,” stated 12th grader Tha Htoo. So whether you are going to the homecoming week activities, stay in at home, or just hang out with some friends; it’s up to you.