RAHS Student Safety

Bergen Haag

Most students feel unsafe at school. According to Luis Melgar from KCUR, there have been 68 school shootings in the last 20 years. Some examples of school shootings are Sandy Hook Elementary, Umpqua Community College, Santa Fe High School, and Stoneman Douglas High school. No matter how old we are, or where we were raised the names of these schools ring as loud as the bullets that flew through the school those tragic days.

Roseville Area students give their thoughts on their safety in school shootings. Madison Nueharth, Sophomore explained, “School shootings are terrifying. I’m just waiting for one to happen”.

AJ Scaife, senior said, “School shootings are getting out of hand and I’m used to feeling unsafe.

Students share what would make them safe. Braden Hubert, Sophomore said, “Our staff at RAHS needs to be trained for school shootings”.

Tyree Bunkley, junior explained, “Our police officers need weapons to protect the students from shooters”.

Some high schoolers have even thought of what they would do during a shooting. Mei Bryn Swanson, senior says, “If a shooting ever happened I would hide in a closet or cabinet”.

Mai Mya Noo, freshman said, “I would hide in the library”.

Some kids even thought outside the box. Hayden Haag, sophomore said, “If there was a shooter I’d leave the school”.

Sam Balak, sophomore says, “If there was a school shooter I would play dead.

School shootings, those two words scared Roseville Area Highschoolers. Most students already knew their plan for a school shooting. Some kids wanted police officers with guns and others wanted secret rooms in each wing. Roseville students are one step ahead.