RAHS speaks on open campus policy

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RAHS peers and admin are split on why there isn’t currently an open campus policy and what the factors would be if they decided to let the students have one.  

An open campus is when students have the ability to leave school campus during a free period or during lunch.

Roseville students are for an open campus because it gives them some freedom and gives them the opportunity to get what they want to eat for lunch.

Admin are against the open campus policy because they believe it will increase student absences or tardies.

One senior student, Amalia Imaholte-Moreira is the only one interviewed that eats the school lunch. She said she is disgusted with what they [RAHS] feel they seem suitable to feed people, when asked how she feels about school lunch.

“I think it’s a really good idea because people have cars to get around and this is an opportunity for people to get the lunch they want or if they forget their lunch at home they can go home and get it” said Amalia Imaholte-Moreira.

Activities office secretary, Natalie Crosby feels that it is helpful for most students to not have the option of an open campus because it will keep them here, in school.

When asked about her thoughts on who is allowed to have the opportunity and if only seniors or students with good grades should have this opportunity Crosby said “I think it’s something to consider, you can show up for something and still not have good grades or have a certain GPA. If you allow privileges to some, you have to allow to all otherwise it will create drama”.

When asked about is opinion on if this policy would be a good idea, Head of Security Mike Delgado said “This is a bad idea because we have too many students and we can’t keep track of everybody and it would be hard to manage students leaving and keeping them safe”.

Head of Security, Mike Delgado said that if this rule was put into place that only seniors would be able to leave, but good grades and attendance would be key factors.