RAHS’ New Coffee Shop, COMING SOON

Here at RAHS the special ed department will be opening a RAHS coffee shop around November for all students and staff. The coffee shop will give students the opportunity to practice skills in the work environment.

The shop will be opened in the cafeteria concessions before and after school. Prices will vary on the drinks ordered but is estimated from $1-$5.

Staff will be able to enjoy the coffee shop as well. It will be open during lunches for RAHS staff only.

The board of the RAHS coffee shop includes: Marry Cahoy, Duccio Mondanelli, Lauren O’Conner, Philip Hunderosse, Heather Caldwell, and Xander. They are excited to open a RAHS coffee shop.

Duccio Mondanelli, RAHS special ed educator, said the coffee shop will be highly based on students’ opinions and participation. Students will be able to request drink orders on Schoology.

RAHS’ coffee shop will offer work experience for students. Those who choose to participate will be allowed a pass to leave class early. They will also get community service hours from participating.

The coffee shop is still fairly new and not much known. The board of the shop hopes to get many students and staff to participate and have the shop be more known around RAHS.

“I am kind of excited. I would try out the coffee shop and if it’s good I will continue to buy coffee there and if not I would spend my money elsewhere, ” said Kanya Mason, senior at RAHS.

“It’s a long way in a short amount of time, but I believe it will turn out amazing. We’re really excited that we are given the chance and opportunity for this coffee shop!” said Carly Miller, RAHS special educator.