When you have to go, where do you go?

A deep dive in the RAHS girls bathrooms

Victoria Smith

Public school bathrooms are arguably one of the worst things about public school. It is very hard to find a comfortable place to do your business. When the time comes, you gotta go when you gotta go. But where are you going to go at RAHS?

I took all the bathrooms (not including staff and visitor bathrooms) in RAHS in search of the best girls bathroom. This is what I found.

There are three criteria I took into consideration when finding the best place to relieve oneself. The presentation of the bathroom, the technical aspect of the bathroom, and the atmosphere of the bathroom.

For presentation of the bathroom, I looked at trash on the floor, what’s on the wall, what’s on the sinks, are the toilets flushed etc. Nobody likes taking a tinkle in a dirty bathroom.

For the technical part of the bathrooms, I flushed every toilet and turned on every sink, and checked all the lighting. Sinks and toilets makeup bathrooms, and if they don’t work, well is it a bathroom?

For the atmosphere aspect, I took an account of how many people were in the bathroom, were there any groups, and how comfortable one would feel if they needed to use the bathroom

The process was quite simple in theory, just walk into the bathroom, look on the floor, in the stalls, flush all the toilets, turn on all the sinks, smell the bathroom air, write my notes down and get out, then compare all the bathrooms and find the best one. But it did prove to be hard sometimes as I forgot that people use bathrooms. I got a lot of stares when I took out a small notecard, wrote stuff, and left. But finding the best girls bathroom in RAHS was top priority and I was not going to let a couple of judging eyes to stop me in my quest.

Once I collected all the data, I developed a grading sheet (down below) to help me process the information and create a fair way of finding the best bathroom. 1 being The worst, and 4 being the best.


1 2 3 4
Presentation Paper towels and other trash everywhere. Water on the floor and sinks. Most toilets not flushed Mainly and lots of paper towels on ground, sink wet, some toilets not flushed sink wet, little to no paper towels No trash on ground, sink isn’t very wet
Technical +⅔ sinks are wonky, toilets flush *weird, lights are broken, leaks. Most doors don’t lock ⅓ of sinks work, toilet flushes are weak, any leaks in anything. Some doors don’t lock all sinks work, all toilets work. All doors lock all sinks and toilets work with ***power
Atmosphere A lot of people just standing around, smells bad, definitely drugs/something fishy more than 2 people on counters, smells **worse than avg, maybe drugs? 1 person on counter, most stalls are empty. Smells avg No one in the bathroom, or at least one person in a stall. Smells nice


*by “weird” I mean makes weird gurgling sounds, sounds like it could overflow, LOOKS like it’s going to overflow

** “worse than avg” means worse than the normal already unsettling school bathroom smell

*** “power” means that the toilet thoroughly flushes everything down and you have no doubt that your business won’t show up again


In addition to the rubric, I also asked people on what bathroom they go to most and why they go to that bathroom. Many people, including Carly Crowell, a 9th grader here said the lower B bathroom is her favorite, because “The stall doors are new and it feels cleaner.” The lower B would be my personal favorite, but there’s two main issues with it. One being that the stalls are always closed, and it’s very hard to tell if a stall is open or not. The second issue is that the lower B wing bathroom always has a high amount of traffic during C lunch and passing time. So, pro tip, don’t go to lower B during lunch or passing time. Even then, there seems to always be a couple people in there.

Another notable bathroom to mention is the one right next to the media center. If I can avoid going there I will. The times I’ve gone, there is always a group in there. It’s really awkward and uncomfortable when your doing your business, while a group of people are trying to make a TikTok. There’s also the issue that the spaces between the door and the edge of the stall is notably large. You can see the sinks clearly while your in there, which means people can see you clearly on the toilet.

Before I reveal the rankings, there’s something that needs to be discussed. It’s drugs. (Duh. We’re talking about public high school bathrooms) Weather that be vaping, smoking weed, smoking anything, snorting anything, injecting anything, etc. Some people don’t use the bathrooms as they are recommended for. One kid might ask, “why are there so many kids in the bathroom?” And another might ask “why are there so many kids in the Juul room?” I’m not here to judge. I don’t know what my fellow peers have been through. But if your going to do drugs, don’t do it in the bathroom. It’s the bathroom where people go pee and poop. Gross.

One more thing to mention before we reveal the rankings. The janitors. Keep in mind that the bathrooms are not messed up because the janitors “are not doing their job” but they are messed up because of us. There is more than 2,000 students, and that many people are sharing only 6 bathrooms. The bathrooms are bound to be messed up. But the presentation and the atmosphere of the bathrooms are the way they are because some people don’t know how to clean up for themselves. So, next year let’s do better. Please.

Now finally the rankings. The worst girls bathroom is…. the Media Center bathroom!!! This bathroom repeatedly got a 2 on presentation and a 1 on atmosphere. I also gave it a 3 in technical, as the stall doors are to wide for comfort and the lighting is a little funky.

Now, the best girls bathroom is… Upper B! Upper B repeatedly got 3’s and 4’s. Every time I went in there was surprisingly clean. (Yet today, June 3 2019 one of the soap dispensers was not attached to the wall and so that was weird). It’s always relatively comfortable and there isn’t always a lot of people in their.


The rankings look like this.

First place is Upper B

Second is Lower B

Third is Upper A

Fourth is theatre/cafe

Fifth is Lower A

Sixth is Media Center


Before you go, I’ve collected a list of helpful bathroom tips so you can have your best experience.

  1. If you have to go to the bathroom at passing time, let your teacher or a friend know that your using the bathroom. There’s always a line and you’ll be more than likely late for class.
  2. Don’t use the theatre bathroom/cafe bathroom during 5th hour. The janitors are starting to clean the bathrooms, and they start with this one first. So unless you want to do your business with someone mopping the floors, don’t go to that one 5th hour.
  3. If you notice there are multiple pairs of feet in a stall (usually the handicap) it means one of two things. One being people are doing drugs. And the other being some kids might be getting a little too touchy feely. So, multiple feet in a stall means you should probably go into a different bathroom.
  4. Always check the toilet before going in the toilet. Some are clogged or flooded, and you don’t want to add to that mess if you can avoid. If you do notice a clogged toilet, tell your teacher so it can be fixed.
  5. The girls bathrooms, even if people are doing drugs, is generally a safe place. There’s a weird sense of community every time you step into any girls bathroom.
  6. Careful with putting stuff on the sinks. The sinks are always going to be a little wet.
  7. If you have to do some quick touch-ups before school starts, go to the theatre/cafe bathroom. The mirrors are clean and everyone else is doing touch-ups so there’s no judgement. I’ve seen people straightening their hair in there.