Girls Track: year in review

Maryana Schaebert, Staff Writer

The 2019 Roseville girls track season will be over very soon, and the season flew by quickly.

The team composed of over 40 of RAHS’s premier female athletes succeeded in qualifying for the Minnesota State True Team Championships in Stillwater on Friday, May 17th.

In an email to staff, head coach Greg Ueland said, “I am so proud of this gritty, tough, talented and kid group.”

The team shares a common most memorable part of the year, the bus rides to and from meets.

“I love messing around with the girls during practice and singing on the way home from a meet.” Said Alice Herold, 10.

“The bus ride out to our meet was memorable,” says Noelle Wolf, 9, “All the girls talk and play music and sing, it’s really good bonding.”

When asked how this year was different from others, Alice Herold responded with “Last year we had to stay indoors for maybe half the season… the weather last year was a real pain.”

Other good moments from the season were the team’s coaches, David Brooks and Greg Ueland, really pushing the girls to do their absolute best.

Herold quotes, “The hard times during a workout when you’re just about to give up but people are there to support you and boost you before another rep.”

Wolf said, “the coaches are very supportive and push you to work hard and get out of your comfort zone.”

Overall, this season was very successful. Good job girls!