Course Profile: Psychology

Cody McDonough, Staff Writer

The human mind is complex, doing multiple calculations in fractions of a second allowing us to live our day-to-day lives.  Some people have attempted to make sense of how our brain works, creating psychology “the study of the mind and body”.

RAHS offers two classes in psychology including, psychology and AP psychology.  Both are electives in the social studies department available to juniors and seniors.

With each year that passes, new students enter psychology teacher, Ms. Sara Mortel’s, class and give her new experiences, enriching the class as a whole.   Mortel said, “the experience that I gain each year is what sticks with me”. 

Psychology is a course popular among upper class-men.  Senior Caleb Tao, said, “everything in psychology is super interesting to me, plus it also helps me understand things about myself and my friends as well”

Kids who come into psychology classes with certain cerebral conditions help the students in that class understand topics more in-depth because they are coming from someone with personal experience.

There’s so much to learn about our own minds but hopefully the more we learn the more we understand about ourselves. 

“The knowledge gained from psychology, helps us grow as people and as a community”  said Mortel.