Preview of the RAHS gymnastics team

Bella Long, Staff Writer

The RAHS gymnastics team has been a part of Roseville for a long time and has a lot of supporters in the winter. The head coaches, Madelyn Pearson and Heather Kay are very dedicated to making the girls the best they can be. They are very welcoming to new girls with interest despite their skill level.

Jasmine Zenner, a junior at RAHS said “ I’m looking forward to having a fun and stress free season. I’m excited to teach the new young girls the RAHS gymnastics traditions and to bond with all of them.”

Janet Addo, a junior at RAHS said “ My mindset for this season is focusing on myself and not comparing my performance to anyone else, not focusing on the audience.”

Maddie Pearson, a head coach said “ I’m really looking forward to cheering the girls on at meets and seeing them succeed and be happy after doing a skill they’ve been working on, I just want to be the best coach I can.”

There are 14 girls on the team this year with 3 new managers. The gymnasts are really looking forward to their first meet on December 2nd against Park High School and also sections where they see if they will qualify to go to state. The girls are just going to focus on themselves this season and work hard to accomplish their goals In their routines.