Student’s Advice for Homework and Stress

Caleb Larson, Staff Writer

With the trimester close to an end and a new one starting soon at Roseville Area High School, now is a great time to turn in any missing work and find useful tools to help for future success.

Gabe Hare (Grade 12) says “My advice for students struggling with homework is to communicate with teachers and google the answers.”

Bryan Dunn (Grade 12) had similar advice saying “Homework sucks, but teachers can help you catch up if you’re struggling. Be sure to use them as a resource.”

Many students are often stressed out by the end of the trimester, especially ones who have procrastinated on homework for a while. Kai Paloma (Grade 12) says “For students that are stressed about homework I think that they should talk with their teacher or counselor to let them know the homework is getting to be too much, then talk about the situation.”

Hare states “My advice for stress would be to go to your nearest moshpit and start throwing punches.”

Mohamed Ali (Grade 12) says “Sometimes it’s good to take a walk and let out your thoughts.”

Dunn and Paloma share similar thoughts on how to study, saying to take a little time out of your day everyday to go over material and get more familiar with it.

For people who want to raise their grades quickly, there’s quite a lot of input on this.

Hare says “Use Quizlet.”

Paloma says “I studied the material then retook the tests and asked for help.”

Ali says “Prioritize your summatives.”

With the trimester almost at an end, remember to turn in all your old homework for good grades, especially for teachers who’s deadlines are coming close.