Winter Beats: Newspaper Club

Students at RAHS have a chance to join many of the extracurricular activities all during high school that the school provides as some of them on a resume or college application can look pretty great, just by going to any of the club meetings or tryouts.

The Newspapers Club has pretty solid goals for the winter, which include recruiting more reporters and building leadership and readership of the school newspaper. A collection of returning and new reporters make this year’s group pretty special as they bring a lot of innovation and energy into the publication. Key people in this year’s group are the Editor in Chief, Ilene Park and Assistant Editor, Isaac Cronin, but they are looking for more people interested in leadership roles as well as they would love to have someone who wants to lead entertainment coverage and someone to lead photography. The event type thing they are most looking forward was to the first episode of the school’s podcast being released and also the growth in readership of the newspaper.

When asked for her opinion of who has grown the most with their very own articles, Tara Miller, the advisor of the Newspaper Club, said that “The whole group has collectively grown and improved so much in their role as student journalists, they are growing their news-noses and sniffing out important stories we should cover for our community”.

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