Limited Language Options at RAHS

Joe Huncovsky , Staff writer

In the past, RAHS has offered several languages like Arabic and German, but now students have only Spanish and French to choose from. Because of this, some students feel limited in their options, and feel like they’re forced between picking a language they don’t want to learn, or not learning one at all. But there are many factors to consider when deciding to offer more languages.

Senior Sander Lien said “French wasn’t my first choice but I decided to take the class anyway. I would’ve preferred learning something like German but I understand it’s not that simple.”

The French teacher Ms. Peterson said that in order to give more options students, RAHS has to think about how many students want to take the class and if they can find a teacher to teach it.

This also means that a language that is very popular one year might not be popular the next year, which makes it hard to have teachers ready to teach their language in time for the next year. This is why languages like German and Arabic are no longer taught at RAHS.

But along with spoken languages, many students feel like American sign language should be offered as well. Junior Josie Lavell said sign language is a useful language to learn for student’s futures.