Is our lunch long enough?


Ivyna Lor, Staff Writer

In Roseville Area High School, students have thirty minutes for lunch, including walking and waiting in line. Most students want more seating time during lunch.

Overall students have seating time for lunch is about 10 minutes. Senior CC Hernadez said, “I eat lunch for 10 minutes then I’ll finish my apple on the way to class.”

Students are going to leave class four minutes before their actual thirty minutes of lunch start.They then have to walk alongside many more students that want to get their lunch from different areas in the school.

Fifteen minutes and more are used for waiting in line and grabbing food. After students get their lunch, they now have ten minutes or less to chow down all their food. Senior, Jeremey Brown said “I wait in line for 15 minutes, which honestly should be at least just for 10 minutes or less.”

The action for healthy kids stated “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that students get at least 20 minutes for lunch. But that means 20 minutes to actually sit down and eat — excluding time waiting in line or walking from class to cafeteria.”

Senior Lisa Kalle said “What I hate is not having at least 30 minutes to sit down to eat, not 30 minutes for the whole process.”

According to the CDC of healthy schools “About one-half of school districts nationwide do not require or recommend that schools provide students with at least 20 minutes to eat lunch once they receive their meal.”

Lunch time should be longer as it also shows some benifets when students have at least 20 minutes once they are seated.

CDC Healthy Schools studies show more lunch time leads to increased consumption of food and key nutrients, decreased plate waste and increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, lunch entree and milk.