Apple Orchard Review – Aadmodt

Audrey Yang, Staff Writer

On October 24th, the Aadmodt’s apple orchard opened to the public and their pet dogs to pick apples and enjoy apple-related foods. Dogs, college students, and couples from Minnesota come here to experience the nature of Aadmodt’s Orchard, but some weren’t able to join.

To those who have busy schedules, here’s a review of the Aadmodt’s apple orchard, located in Stillwater. It covers Aadmodt’s food, apples, and atmosphere. 

Aadmodt’s Orchard greets it’s visitors with a dirt road to drive on, and pine trees to walk through. Dogs meet other dogs and their owners. Immediately, it’s easy to see the winery, common space, establishments selling Aadmodt’s apple products, and the people enjoying their stay. 

The trees are spaced at 10 feet, apples attached to the branches and some fallen on the ground. The red skin of the apples shine and taste sweet.

A hill sits in the middle of the orchard, allowing the visitors to witness the establishment high above.

The apple brats, 7 dollars each, are filled with sausage and sweet, pea-sized cuts of apple. Although some may disagree with the apple filling, it compliments the salty sausage and the bun. Second Yang, a Junior here at RAHS, said, “It tastes interesting […] The meat tastes okay.” Condiments are optional and add a kick to your brat.

The sugar coated apple donuts are moist and bouncy. The grated sugar coats wherever it touches and leaves a sweet taste. 

The kernel-cooked popcorn is sweetened, adding it’s own snap as it enters your mouth. The popcorn melts well. The bag it comes in is big and manageable. 

Aadmodt allows samples of it’s wine. According to adults, Sarah Xiong said, “It was good,” along with her sister, Linda Yang, who said, “Semisweet […] not too overpowering for the palette. Complimented the salty orchard snacks as well,” taking another sip of the alcohol. 

The wine was “armed with fall and winter spices… cinnamon nutmeg cloves. Very fallish with warming spices,” said Xiong. The wine is a deep, maroon color, with the strong smell of alcohol in the open area.

The apple cider came in a gallon, red cap and autumn-toned. The taste was rather sweet, then kicked with a star-anise spice. The crisp taste along with the cold can be felt running through the mouth and down the throat. 

Big or small, dogs are allowed to visit Aadmodt. Golden retrievers, German shepards, and small dogs such as shorkies, chihuahuas, and puppies who are too small to play with the big dogs can be seen next to their owners. Apples are a healthy snack for dogs, so owners would pass a slice to their pet.

Aadmodt is a place to go with family, a partner, or pet to experience apple-picking and friendly service. The food comforts the cold, the dogs add more fluff, and the people make it home.