New Theater Same Faces

Cody McDonough, Staff Writer

Roseville Area High School is getting a new theater located in D wing. Construction on the new theater started over the 2020-2021 school year while for the majority of the year the students were in online school. The 2017 bond referendum was approved allowing for the new theater to be built for around 2.3 million dollars, allowing for higher production plays and and assemblies.

The new theater is bigger than the current one with 30 fly rails, a stage that is about a third larger than the current one, and an audience section with an upper and lower section.

Some students find it progressive. Sophomore Jack Shadram said that the new theater is “a good start towards a newer school”. 

Freshman Anna Kingston said, “Coming into the school blind, I don’t really have anything to compare the new theater to, but I am excited to work in there.” 

Some of the older students find it difficult to transition to the new space. Henry Arkil stated ‘’I’m only a senior but it feels like I’m losing a place that I hold very near to my heart”

With a new theater on the way, the majority of students believes the school shows great promise for the future.